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Electromagnetic Standard Physics Working Group


The electromagnetic (EM) physics working group develops and maintains Geant4 sub-packages for simulation of electromagnetic interactions of charged particles, gammas and optical photons. The validity range of models is from 1 keV to 10 PeV. The physics approaches are optimal for high and medium energy applications and the set of these sub-packages is frequently called "Geant4 Standard EM Physics". The group is maintaining also components for reference Physics Lists and a number of extended examples.


Suspended Geant4 and Standard Electromagnetic Physics group members

Collaborators developing polarized processes (not Geant4 members)

Collaborators developing Coulomb scattering models (not Geant4 members)

Sub-packages and processes

Sub-directory Process or user interface SubType Comment
electromagnetic/highenergy G4AnnihiToMuPair4 positron annihilation to muon pair
electromagnetic/highenergy G4GammaConversionToMuons5 gamma conversion to muon pair
electromagnetic/highenergy G4eeToHadrons4 positron annihilation to hadrons
electromagnetic/highenergy G4hhIonisation2 heavy particle ionisation
electromagnetic/highenergy G4mplIonisation2 classical magnetic monopole ionisation
electromagnetic/muons G4MuBremsstrahlung3 muon bremsstrahlung
electromagnetic/muons G4MuIonisation2 muon ionisation
electromagnetic/muons G4MuMultipleScattering1 multiple scattering for muons
electromagnetic/muons G4MuPairProduction8 e+e- pair production by muon
electromagnetic/muons G4ePairProduction8 e+e- pair production by e+,e-
electromagnetic/polarisation G4PolarizedCompton6 Compton scattering with circular polarization
electromagnetic/polarisation G4PolarizedGammaConversion5 conversion of circular polarized gamma
electromagnetic/polarisation G4PolarizedPhotoElectricEffect7 photo-electric effect for circular polarized gamma
electromagnetic/polarisation G4ePolarizedBremsstrahlung3 bremsstrahlung of circular polarized e+ and e-
electromagnetic/polarisation G4ePolarizedIonisation2 ionisation of circular polarized e+ and e-
electromagnetic/polarisation G4eplusPolarizedAnnihilation4 annihilation of circular polarized positrons
electromagnetic/standard G4ComptonScattering6 Compton scattering process
electromagnetic/standard G4CoulombScattering1 single Coulomb scattering
electromagnetic/standard G4GammaConversion5 gamma conversion to e+e- pair
electromagnetic/standard G4NuclearStopping8 nuclear stopping of ions
electromagnetic/standard G4PhotoElectricEffect7 photo-electric effect
electromagnetic/standard G4PolarizedComptonScattering6 Compton scattering of linear polarized gamma
electromagnetic/standard G4eBremsstrahlung3 electron and positron bremsstrahlung
electromagnetic/standard G4eIonisation2 electron and positron ionisation
electromagnetic/standard G4eMultipleScattering10 electron and positron multiple scattering
electromagnetic/standard G4ionIonisation2 ionisation of ions with charge +2 and more
electromagnetic/standard G4hIonisation2 ionisation of hadrons
electromagnetic/standard G4hMultipleScattering10 multiple scattering of heavy changed particles
electromagnetic/xrays G4Cerenkov21 Cerenkov radiation
electromagnetic/xrays G4Scintillation22 scintillation process
electromagnetic/xrays G4SynchrotronRadiation23 classical synchrotron radiation
electromagnetic/xrays G4SynchrotronRadiationInMat23 synchrotron radiation in media
electromagnetic/xrays G4TransitionRadiation24 transition radiation process
optical G4OpAbsorption31 absorption of optical photons
optical G4OpBoundaryProcess32 general boundary process for optical photons
optical G4OpRayleigh33 Rayleigh scattering of optical photons
examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm7 G4ScreenedNuclearRecoil1 single scattering for ions

Helper classes

Sub-directory Process or user interface Comment
electromagnetic/muons G4EnergyLossForExtrapolator Class for computation of energy loss and fluctuations by external codes
electromagnetic/utils G4EmCalculator interface to dE/dx and cross sections
electromagnetic/utils G4EmConfigurator adding models to Physics List
electromagnetic/utils G4EmProcessOptions C++ interface to EM options (before Geant4 10.1)
electromagnetic/utils G4EmParameters C++ interface to EM options (since Geant4 10.1)
electromagnetic/utils G4EmSaturation Computation of energy loss saturation (Birks effect)
materials G4NistManager Access to Geaant4 NIST DB and atomic properties


User support

The group is providing and maintaining
extended examples:
  • electromagnetic;
  • exoticphysics;
  • medical;
  • optical;
  • polarisation.
We are suggesting our users to visit the HyperNews forum "emprocesses", that is the best way to exchange information.

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Last updated: 7 Dec 2017